movie livetweet: 'hunger games' [minimal spoiler alert]

on march 28th, buttercup mcgillicuddy 'livetweeted' his thoughts while watching the new movie, 'hunger games'. he had not read any reviews, synopses, excerpts from the book, or talked to anyone about specific aspects of the plot of the movie prior to seeing it. he had watched the trailer 1 or 2 times. here is what he tweeted, unedited:
2:17 PM — live tweeting 'hunger games' for the next ~2hrs #hungerlames #romanticrhetoric

2:22 PM — trailers: 'gi joe' with d. johnson and b. willis, 'spider-man', tim burton vampire movie, 'mr. mom' ripoff, two kristen stewart movies

2:24 PM — is this about the holocaust? little sister is affecting anne frank

2:26 PM — note: i don't know anything about the books/setting/plot #hungerlames

2:28 PM — okay. it's the future. it's john waters' version of the future

2:31 PM — was really hoping they showed the lead naked in bath scene. fucking PG movies/YA fiction #hungerlames

2:35 PM — this british broad in victorian dress is hot. and is that d. sutherland's voice #hungerlames #livetweeting

2:36 PM — oh, she's not british, she's just a bitch #hungerlames

2:39 PM — this is dumb [so far] #hungerlames

2:40 PM — need to pee

2:47 PM — oh, drunk w. harrelson, 'embrace the probability of your eminent death,' seems likely that will be my favorite line #hungerlames

2:51 PM — just saw benedict cumberbatch with yellow hair #hungerlames

2:52 PM — lenny kravitz as fashion advisor, big mistake. #johnwatersfuture #hungerlames

2:54 PM — oh hey president donny #hungerlames

2:56 PM — just 'got the chills,' really unsure why

2:57 PM — whoa, the lead's waist to hip ratio seems digitally enhanced #notempoweringladies #hungerlames

3:08 PM — i knew the william tell thing was coming before the scene started #hungerlames

3:14 PM — oh, that is actually lenny kravitz. jesus christ #hungerlames

3:17 PM — this film seems horribly sexually repressed. this pacing is just begging for a sex scene. dress on fire is no substitute #hungerlames

3:21 PM — she just looked longingly at the doomed boy, and he's confessing his love publicly, this is so fucked #hungerlames

3:24 PM — what the fuck is this movie about? #hungerlames

3:27 PM — my brother seems to think i could get in trouble for tweeting in a theater. fuck the system #hungerlames

3:30 PM — lenny kravitz is being creepy and i just fantasized about his IRL daughter a little which makes me creepy a little too i guess #hungerlames

3:32 PM — not enough people dying in this scene. like, five more would make it 'worth my time' #hungerlames

3:34 PM — 240-338-6835 if you've been trying tm @ me

3:36 PM — lol, 'district nine' #hungerlames

3:38 PM — just farted #hungerlames

3:48 PM — serene music, gushy noises, women moaning, dagger throwing #sexuallyrepressedmovies #hungerlames

3:49 PM — lol, acid wasps #hungerlames

3:50 PM — l-s-bees #hungerlames

3:53 PM — oh hey magical negros!!! #hungerlames

3:55 PM — what else is this girl in? the little one

3:59 PM — perceived self biting thumbnail during mine scene #hungerlames

4:03 PM  lol, death toll seems pretty good. ppl can stop dying now #hungerlames #livetweeting 
4:06 PM — lol, mourning rituals. it's whatever rue's just a black anyway. lol, district 11, lol #hungerlames #superlame

4:10 PM — is this a metaphor or a simile? #hungerlames

4:14 PM — fuck yeah sex scene! lol, j/k #hungerlames

4:18 PM — cat fight. deus ex magical negro. need to pee again #hungerlames

4:19 PM — oh shit, an actual sex scene! lol, j/k #hungerlames

4:24 PM — fuck, i hate fantasy. now it's a fantasy movie all of a sudden? getting pretty hungry #hungerlames

4:26 PM — rooting for kado #hungerlames #livetweethng

4:27 PM — damnit #hungerlames

4:33 PM — going to miss john waters' future. no plans to see the sequel(s) #hungerlames  
4:35 PM — crushing hard on donny sutherland after all that #hungerlames #livetweeting 
4:36 PM — cato** just saw in the credits #hungerlames 
4:58 PM — this livetweet has been brought to you by romantic rhetoric @rorhetblog #hungerlames
buttercup mcgillicuddy:

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